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5 Ways Executives Set Goals
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In any company, goal setting and strategic outlining are important. The traditional path of goal-setting and management is a top-down approach in which company goals are established and carried out by hierarchy. Findings from this type of management reveal that:

“Only 31.5% of workers are engaged at work.”

“Only 46% of companies review revise goals throughout the year.”

“Only 1/2 of middle managers can name even one of their company’s top priorities.”

In newer models of management, more people are responsible for the goal-setting and goal-achievement process.

Effective goal setting goes far beyond practicing SMART goals. It involves setting transparent goals by:

  • Aligning team goals which are coordinating efforts across teams.
  • Co-creating goals with employees which involves engaging in a dynamic conversation.
  • Maintaining focus by measuring progress.
  • Establishing milestones for success by analyzing progress on a daily basis.
  • Motivating and rewarding employee success to encourage future achievement.