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5 Things Your Teams Need
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Gary is the CEO of a large marketing firm and has recently realized that his project teams aren’t working very well together. He wants to improve company efforts to encourage more teamwork in the workplace but isn’t sure what his teams truly need to make this teamwork possible.

While at lunch with his friend Geoff, Gary explains his situation. Geoff tells Gary about a conference he just attended that addressed this issue and explains to Gary the five things his teams need to improve their teamwork.

One thing that will help Gary’s team work better together is spending more company resources on innovation. Even with today’s technology and the potential for innovation, most company’s innovation efforts don’t measure up to what they could be, and this hinders project teams like Gary’s.

To help Gary ignite the creative spark in his teams and inspire them, he needs to make sure each team has a leader that can do this. Without a team leader, Gary’s teams will not be innovative, and collaboration will be nearly impossible.

Speaking of collaboration, Geoff tells Gary that one of the best things he can do to improve his project teams is to improve collaboration tools to ensure that all team members on the same page and that everyone understands where the project is and where it’s headed.

Also, many employees entering the workforce expect companies to accommodate their collaboration needs anytime, no matter where they are. Greg should have innovative technology in his company that keeps projects on schedule and lets his employees work the way that best suits their unique style.

By implementing innovative technology, Greg will be able to offer his employees the ability to have the same optimal experiences, regardless of their location or device, to easily stay in contact with each other, to easily share files and work, and to easily pick up pieces of the project where another employee left off.

Now that Gary understands what he needs to do to improve the teamwork of his project teams, he’s ready to implement better collaboration and innovative technology to ensure the success of his company.

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