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5 Tactics for Creating a Culture of Learning
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Hey, I’m Sean. My friend Lisa has been an HR professional for a few decades now and let me know of some simple ways I can create a culture of learning at my organization.

Here are five tactics Lisa has shared with me to create a culture of learning at any organization.

Tactic 1. Develop Brand Positioning

A captivating team brand enables my learning initiatives to stand out. Creating a positioning statement will help me charter the key learning values I want to instill in my organization and entice employees to get on board.

Tactic 2. Know Your Employees

Knowing my employees is essential to create a culture of learning. Once I create learner profiles, I’ll be able to grasp the learning patterns unique to my organization which will enable me to create personalized messages targeted at key groups of people.

Tactic 3. Craft Messages with a Call-to-Action

Lisa explains that when I treat my learning and development initiatives like a marketing campaign, I’ll understand that a great strategy starts with messaging. Lisa tells me that I need to create key messages tailored to each learner profile I’ve defined and include a specific call-to-action.

Tactic 4. Keep Employees Engaged

Since learning and development initiatives don’t just start and end with training, Lisa explains that in order to keep employees engaged with a learning culture when training is complete, I need to create post-training marketing programs to engage employees with even more courses and learning activities on a regular basis.

Tactic 5. Optimize Learning Promotion

Lisa tells me that not all of my learning and development initiatives will be successful so it’s important that I track, analyze, and optimize my efforts. I need to figure out what initiatives worked and replace any that failed.

Now that I have a better understanding of how I can create a culture of learning in my organization, I’m ready to get my employees on board with my continued learning initiatives.

If you want to learn more about tactics for creating a culture of learning, click the link below for more information.