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5 Insights to Keep Your Finance and HR Initiative on Time and Under Budget
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Franco and fellow executives at his organization have discovered that close collaboration between the finance and human resources departments can help to ease the company’s transformation to the cloud. This type of leverage offers Franco’s company success as it runs parallel two of any organization’s greatest assets: people and money.

As with other transformations that the company has undergone, there are a good number of challenges to overcome with this collaboration. Franco’s finance department often think in terms of numbers, data, and costs while his HR department thinks in terms of people, team-building, and employee engagement.

By combining both these perspectives, Franco is slowly beginning to see that these two perspectives have improved the overall financial and human resources function of the organization. It has made moving to the cloud a more agreeable decision between these two departments.

As Franco looks to make the complete transition to the cloud even smoother, he reads a survey that identifies 5 proven tactics to do that:

1) Prepare – Taking on an integrated enterprise resource planning approach requires the identification and maximization of data-sharing and analytics as well as updating processes.

2) Anticipate – Alleviating fears of change can begin with fostering closer collaboration between finance and HR so employees can work together to solve challenges in design and structure.

3) Reverse – When bringing in IT staff to help with the transition, it’s critical that collaboration flows in both lanes with IT staff learning about the non-technical side of cloud transformation.

4) Understand – addressing misunderstandings about the security level of the cloud environment could dispel myths and boost trust among employees.

5) Be proactive – Outside of cost savings, recognize additional, less-quantifiable benefits of the cloud infrastructure including the value of insights and ability to reallocate time and resources.

Following these 5 steps, Franco and his organization can anticipate and avoid technological and cultural workplace problems that could make cloud migration a risky proposition.

If you are looking for ways to motivate your team to transition to the cloud with the end goal of being a more productive and increasing performance, click the link below for more information.