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4 Ways to Motivate Employees
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Hi! My name is Bruce.

As an HR professional, I understand how difficult it can be to motivate employees. Luckily, thanks to my many years of experience, I have four full-proof ways that are guaranteed to help you motivate your employees and make your business more successful.

When your employees are engaged and motivated, your company will be much more successful and your employees will be much happier.

1) Promote Good Stressors

By limiting hindrance stressors like job insecurity, job confusion, and unknown responsibilities, your workplace can develop a more autonomous environment where employees feel comfortable sharing ideas and collaborating. To create an organizational innovation climate, it’s important to promote good stressors like achievable, challenging workloads, varied responsibilities, clear job descriptions, and fluid conversations.

2) Bridge the Introvert-Extrovert Gap

While you can’t offer every introvert in your company their own office, you can offer them more flexible workplaces. With cloud-based tools and the promoted use of working together via laptops, mobile devices, and tablets, your employees will be able to work in environments where they’re the most comfortable. Try allowing introverts to work from home and extroverts to work in groups, in the conference room or a coffee shop.

3) Change How Employees Feel About Feedback

While annual performance reviews are often a dreaded task for both employees and managers, it’s important to schedule periods of time to talk through successes and failures. Create open lines of communication that allow for real-time, consistent feedback. This will change the way employees and managers collaborate and think about work.

4) Sometimes, Let Employees’ Minds Wander

An organized schedule and a set list of tasks can undoubtedly lead to a productive work environment, but there are benefits to taking a completely opposite approach. Try dedicating one day each month or quarter to shut down the office and build something together. This can boost wakeful processing and team morale.

Now that you have a better understanding of what you can do to motivate your employees, you’re ready to create a much more engaged workplace.

If you want to learn more ways to motivate employees, click the link below for more information.