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4 Ways to Maintain Workplace Collaboration and Sustain Employee Motivation
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Imagine working in a company with little to no communication with other employees or managers. Think about the decrease in productivity and morale that would result from such a setup.

Thankfully, the majority of today’s companies are not set up to be independently run. Companies today are typically defined by one thing: COLLABORATION.

Collaboration in the workplace allows team members to come together around a common goal, share ideas, and work together towards the achievement of those goals. Executive leaders should focus on creating a collaborative work environment that not only brings out the best in people but sustains employee motivation long term.

Here are 4 ways to do this:

> Promote “good” stress for better collaboration [Limit hindrance stressors and cultivate an environment where people feel comfortable sharing ideas and working with others.]

> Bridge the introvert-extrovert gap [Do your best to create workspace and workflow processes that are flexible and open-ended for both the introverted and extroverted employee.]

> Change how you think about feedback [Establish open lines of communication so employees and employers can talk about successes and failures.]

> Sometimes, let employees’ minds wander [The brain is said to be most creative when it is in a wandering state. So, plan time for employees to take a day off from the office to boost creativity and team morale.]

When employees engage with their work and with each other, both the people and the company wins.

If you want to establish better workplace collaboration among your employees, click the link below for more information.