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4 Steps to Happier Hiring Managers
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Heather is a recruiter at a marketing firm. While she likes her work, she often finds herself in a tough spot with her hiring manager, Lauren.

Lauren’s workload seemingly climbs by the hour. Her calendar is nearly just as booked as her boss. There are a couple dozen emails she has not responded to, let alone checked. And she has no one to fully delegate any of her secondary tasks to.

When it is time for Lauren to hire a new employee, she wants to hire the very best in short order. But with so much on her plate, how can she find time to discover the right people?

Heather knows she faces the challenging task of getting the very best talent for her Lauren’s different departments. But with such a long checklist of requirements and very little time to check everything off, she’s wondering if it would be beneficial to build a partnership between herself and Lauren since their goals are almost the same.

How can she make this happen?

Heather thinks to call Joe, her supervisor when she was a junior recruiting intern at another marketing firm, and he gives her the following 4 tips to ensure a happier hiring manager and a seamless recruiting process:

1…Be the expert. Make the effort to add value to the hiring manager. Rather than sending Lauren a stack of resumes, Heather can take the time to become a trusted partner who stays up-to-date on the trends in the workforce and approaches new talent with practicality and a well-informed discussion.

2…Get on the same page. Ensure expectations are the same. A brief discussion before talking to an ideal hire can involve what the new hire will be responsible for, what skills or qualities the new hire should have, is the position new or a replacement.

3…Simplify the process. To make evaluating candidates quicker and easier, Heather can ensure an online assessment or questionnaire process is in place to gauge the candidate’s personality and potential better and help Lauren familiarize herself with the process again as interviews don’t often occur every day.

4…Follow up. Job requirements and business needs can change throughout the hiring process. Therefore, it is critical to check in with the hiring manager to ensure adjustments are made to the requirements and the questions along the way.

Heather has been implementing these 4 tips over the last 6 months and has found that when she engages Lauren in finding the right talent, the recruiting process is more successful. Managing expectations and facilitating the timeline also works out better.

If you want to know more about the best ways to ensure hiring managers and recruiters are on the same page and the best talent gets hired, click the link below for more information.