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4 Major Trends About Social Recruitment
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Social recruiting is not a new term in the field of human resources. According to research gathered by Staff.com, 93% of companies use LinkedIn to recruit while 66% use Facebook and 54% use Twitter.
Many employers are using social technologies for recruitment to do two things: One, to access and generate a database of candidates and Two, to promote their employer brand.

While some companies are using social platforms as a way to communicate the employer brand to target candidates, many organizations are only familiarizing themselves with it and are not using it to maximum benefit.

Here are a few trends that will emerge in social recruiting over the next few years:

1. Recruitment becomes an experience, not a process.

Recruitment is shifting from a transactional process to an experience. Recruiters will be required to act more like sales and marketing agents than HR professionals. They must sell the company brand, manage candidate experiences, and use tools to interpret data about candidates. Relationship management will be at the heart of the recruiter’s role.

2. Recruiters aren’t just ‘HR guys’ – they become an employer brand manager.

Today, the image and impact of a company in the eyes of a candidate are more important than ever. For recruiters, this means acting as a brand manager for the employer so candidates get a clear and authentic view of the company.

3. Onboarding becomes a social experience.

Onboarding will continue to become an essential part of employment as companies tap into internal social networks. Employers will use this tool throughout the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to the time an employee leaves the company. Having a social and unified talent management process and system will become more important.

4. Data and analytics help make better hiring decisions.

Candidate relationship management is going to be a huge opportunity for organizations as recruiters accumulate more data on jobseekers. Analytics tools will enable recruiters to identify more precisely which candidates will be the most effective hires, thus adding another dynamic to the recruitment process.

Having social media profiles for your company is just a small tip of the iceberg as far as what social technology can do for effective recruiting. Engaged employers are looking for the same in employees and this is where social media can help.

If you want to know more about how to use social platforms for recruiting, click the link below for more information.