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Highly skilled employees may not be difficult to find but they can be challenging to keep. Many are looking for much more than just a steady job and a consistent paycheck

These types of employees also want:  

  1. An employee-first culture 
  2. Opportunities to grow and develop 
  3. A sense of purpose and meaning in their work 

Are you worried about employee retention in your organization?  If so, here are three top changes you can start making today. 

1: Ditch your annual employee engagement survey. Start asking employees for feedback throughout the year and review results in real-time. Also, implement suggestions for change in real-time. 

2: Stop fixing engagement challenges for your former employees. Employees leaving your organization have little incentive to provide honest feedback. Instead, work towards harnessing predictive analytics to raise the red flag before it becomes too late. 

3: Throw out your one-size-fits-all employee engagement strategy. Start tailoring questions, insights, process changes, and actions to each team’s and each team member’s unique and individual needs. 

Don’t let these bad habits get in the way of retaining highly skilled employees.  

Find out more about how to retain more employees, by clicking the link below.