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Every CEO or business owner wants their organization to be high-performing. After all, high-performing organizations tend to be more stable, show consistent signs of innovation, and are comprised of people who use their gift well.

Continuous improvement has been shown to be at the heart of such excellent companies. And the results end in good governance, trustworthy leadership, and customer satisfaction.

When it comes to continuously improve work processes, there are 10 best management practices that excellent companies follow.

Let’s find out what they are.

1) Design and document key processes.

2) Monitor and control processes to ensure service standards are met consistently.

3) Monitor and control processes to ensure system standards such as quality, health, and safety are met consistently.

4) Ensure processes are in place to anticipate or adjust for the change.

5) Take corrective action quickly when problems occur.

6) Prevent the recurrence of problems by making changes to processes.

7) Analyze processes on a regular basis and make changes aimed at continuous improvement.

8) Communicate changes that are in process to all employees that touch the process.

9) Involve customers, suppliers, and/or partners in designing and analyzing processes.

10) Use external data to compare performance to other organizations.

When everyone involved understands these principles, power can be given to the people to implement these best practices fully. After all, 95% of ideas for improvement come from staff doing the work.

Find out more about how to establish great management procedures for work processes by clicking the link below for more information.