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Business Continuity for Finance and Accounting

The lifeblood of any business runs through its finance and accounting departments. They see and deal with the numbers every single day and the smooth running of these departments are critical to the success of the company. When you consider the amount of data and important functions that these departments see on a day-to-day basis, safeguarding these processes should be paramount to any business.

You have a server and a local backup at your company, you’re prepared for the worst-case scenario, but are you really prepared? What if there’s a power outage? What about the possibility of a malware attack or a hacker dead-set on stealing data? What about the unlikely possibility of server failure and their redundancy checks? The chances of all of that happening are pretty slim, but the chance does still exist.

The growing trend in the last couple of years is instituting the cloud into the vast network of data tools within the business network environment. IT departments are adding Cloud-based services as an addition to their security toolbox of applications and protection measures. The advantages of this addition are many, and we’ll look at a few of them here.

The Cloud can offer dependable off-site storage for your data, this is invaluable if your local data server goes down or fails. You can also run applications directly from the Cloud for maximum security against would-be hackers. You’ll have peace of mind in knowing that your important data is safe and secure and backed up remotely.

The time has come for the finance and accounting departments to implement the Cloud in their day-to-day running of the business. Ace Cloud Hosting can help you in those aims with different packages and plans to help you safeguard your data and keep things running smoothly in your departments. Contact Ace Cloud Hosting today for your business needs or if you have any questions about using the Cloud for your business. You can download our whitepaper on this topic below.