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The Future of Currency

The value of money was traditionally based on the going rate of the market. Going all the way back to the days of nomads and traders in the Bazaars in Mesopotamia, there was always some form of barter and exchange. When President Richard Nixon took the United States off of the Gold standard in 1971, it marked the end of currency being backed by tangible value.

Fiat money has become the norm around the globe and its value has been volatile in certain economic situations. The arrival of cryptocurrency in the form of Bitcoin in 2009 changed the game and ushered in Blockchain technology to make all transactions private between buyer and seller.

The best way to move forward in having a currency be both protected and safe from economic trends is to usher in a centralized cryptocurrency. This holds the distinction of tight control from the fiat currency world and the security and protection that Blockchain delivers in the decentralized cryptocurrency world.