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Financial services organizations can’t transform without changing the way they’re managing data.

Financial institutions are under pressure to transform from many different directions. Commvault’s Intelligent Data Services (IDS) can help these businesses accelerate their digital transformation efforts, and mitigate risks associated with changing regulatory and competitive forces, and the increasing threat landscape.

The need to Make Sense of Data—Fast

Business and IT leaders at financial services firms fully realize that the key to their ongoing prosperity and success lies within their ability to better manage the vast data they are continuously accumulating.

The stakes are high, with AI-based solutions potentially able to deliver up to $1 trillion of additional value annually to the sector.

However, data is only as valuable as the organization’s ability to leverage what they harvest, and many companies are struggling to do so.

Financial services companies are inhibited by multigenerational data sprawl from technical debt, limiting the speed of digital transformation and leaving them ill-equipped to respond to challenges.

In the case of legacy platforms, a Deloitte critique points out: “Data is fragmented across the enterprise, with no coherent strategy around curation, translation, integration, storage, quality governance, or compliance.

Therefore, these institutions spend most of their transformation budget on solving data challenges and focusing very little on real business needs.”

Gaining Advantages with Intelligent Data Services

Data management must go beyond siloed technologies to provide greater visibility. It must also ensure firms can reduce risks, control costs, and provide business continuity and integrity regardless of where the data resides or migrates.

A modern data management solution provides the confidence that essential information is always available across a variety of workloads across cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises environments.

Commvault Intelligent Data Services close the business integrity gap and enable organizations to execute their digital transformation strategy and accelerate business growth.


When data is protected and managed intelligently, it becomes a competitive differentiator, creates greater efficiencies, fosters customer retention, mitigates risk, and increases profitability.