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Future readiness businesses that demand rapid evolution for the transformation and growth of their companies need automated onboarding, identity verification, and strong authentication.

It has been reported that 81% of companies experience a data breach and identity theft – mainly due to poor onboarding, verification, and passwords.

Although over 50% of businesses have implemented two-factor authentication for remote access, this approach doesn’t work when employees have different behaviors, devices, and access levels. Hackers can bypass 2FA by tricking users to provide sensitive information.

This platform protects your business with automated onboarding, solid identity verification, adaptive and absolute authentication covering secure biometric authentication and data protection while simplifying the multiple applications integration and finally offering an easy login experience for not just employees but also end-users.

It ensures the right users are onboarded, right users are accessing the right data at the right time, without any added complexity across web, mobile, future, and legacy applications along with VPN and workstation.

With unique security by design model, AP2 ensures all identity and authentication data remains private and secure while leveraging adaptive and contextual factors to identify and authenticate users.

AP2 offers future-ready beyond multifactor experience along with data protection that’s easy for admins to deploy and effortless for customers & employees to adopt.

To be certain that the person behind registration and login is who they claim to be, the platform provides:

  • Identity biometric with document verification
  • Data ownership and security
  • Video call and out of band authentication
  • Consent note and handwritten signature
  • Fake or real checks

In the end…

Cybersecurity is a fascinating discipline at the intersection of technology, policy, and business.

– Cybersecurity is a competitive differentiator

– You are part of the solution

– Cybersecurity is a process

– Cybersecurity is possible

– Cybersecurity is a positive word

Over the last 7 years, this platform has worked with large enterprises in BFSI, Public & Private sectors, government agencies to protect millions of users and hundreds of applications with 99.9% protection with high aggressive velocity and volume.

Axiom Protect 2.0 is here for you to help you own, control your data, privacy, and security without any 3rd party. We are here as your partner to bring cybersecurity as a vital discipline.