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4 Pillars of API Assessment in Open Banking
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Hey there! My name is Eddie. Today, we are going to discuss 5 trends that are coming down the road in the finance sector. The role of the CFO has never been more important than now. Once a position simply dedicated to forecasting, budgeting, and reporting has dramatically shifted into one that helps to define a strategic pathway for businesses.

These 5 trends will shape and guide finance organizations and departments going into the future. Now is the time to understand these finance trends and get out in front of the waves.


First, what are these 5 trends?

Glad you asked.

1-Using automation for greater productivity

2-Simplifying and securing audit preparations

3-Doubling down on the secure reliability of all data

4-Increasing fraud detection and mitigation

5-Moving everything to agile cloud servers

These five factors were professionally assessed from multitudinous standpoints of expertise and are based on correlating, relevant statistics from the last five years.

These trends along with the challenges and opportunities that come with them will require the attention and time of your team. Properly automating specific finance functions and working with internal ERP systems can help set you on the course to great financial integrity and success.

If you want to learn more about these five trends in the finance industry and how they will impact your organization in the near future, click the link below for more information.