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Digital Maturity for Financial Services
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Hi! My name is Alec.

As a finance professional, I understand better than most how important it is for financial institutions to advance their digital maturity. Only when financial companies improve their digital maturity will they be able to fully achieve online security and customer experience stability.

What is Digital Maturity?

First, let me explain what digital maturity actually is. Digital maturity occurs when security and customer experience are sufficiently intertwined and understood as complementary efforts. When your company lacks digital maturity, your company also lacks a comprehensive way to prevent data breaches which in turn will affect your customer experience.

So, how can you ensure the digital maturity of your organization?


Digital maturity demands better insight from your online data. By augmenting web analytics with real user data, you’ll gain a better understanding of how performance is impacting user experience. Enhanced monitoring also improves security analysis and response, as well as the effectiveness of your security measures.


Security teams and measures are often siloed in a variety of groups, disciplines, and vendors, but it is important that they operate under the same charter to enable the business. While security cannot be a barrier for customers or negatively impact the business, it’s essential to ensure advanced security measures don’t cause unnecessary friction either.


Testing may allow you to push the system to the breaking point, identify capacity limits, and learn how to recover from failure, but many common performance complications can only be found in real-world situations. Testing early and often at a scale not only allows you to make infrastructure improvements and change regional server distribution, but adjust load balancers, and cache important content in advance of peak traffic periods, so users don’t experience an outage as well.


If you don’t keep an eye on the changing security landscape, any investment in customer experience will be canceled out by the negative impact of a data breach. While your security measures should support new business initiatives, it’s important to consider user experience needs and find ways to maintain protection without slowing progress.

The security landscape is constantly changing as criminals take advantage of new attack surfaces and become more sophisticated with their attempts. If you want to ensure the continued success of your financial institution, it’s essential that you reach full digital maturity.

If you want to learn more about digital maturity for financial services, click the link below for more information.