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Invoice finance
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Hi! My name is John.

As a finance professional for a large corporation, I understand that the perception of Invoice Finance is changing and the world of cash flow finance has a very different landscape today than it did only a few years ago.

From multinational companies to start-ups, every size of company can benefit from the freedom of having cash flow finance in place. In fact, the most rapidly growing businesses are using invoice finance more and more because it gives them the flexibility and cash flow they need to prevent overtrading and secure business contracts quickly. So, how can invoice finance not only help improve your cash flow but also save you money?

Back Office Facilities

Invoice finance lenders can often provide full or partial back-office facilities which can include credit control, as well as payroll facilities especially useful for recruitment companies.

Pay Up-Front

Suppliers will often give discounts if you’re able to pay upfront and these discounts can be substantial. Suppliers often offer up to a 5% discount to organizations that can pay upfront, which alone can be enough to pay for the finance facility.

If your organization is looking to free up capital with invoice finance and keep up with the changing cash flow landscape, follow these best practices.

If you want to learn more about best practices for freeing up capital with invoice finance, click the link below for more information.