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5 Ways to Optimize the Commerce Experience
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Marketers today can know two things for certain:

  • First, everyone is a consumer.
  • Second, everyone is increasingly purchasing products and services digitally.

For any e-commerce platform, optimizing the experience customers have is a key factor in improving sales. A primary element of this is creating shopping experiences that earn trust, meaning those that are seamless, empathetic, and responsive to customer’s needs. Showcasing products and reviews is secondary to this.

When it comes to optimizing the customer experience, here are 5 tactics to consider:

  • Understand inbound intent.

Since visitors come to a website for a specific reason, it is critical that you engage them in a way that they are convinced they should return.

  • Implicit browsing behaviour.

Analyzing and drawing insights from a visitor or potential buyer is critical to giving customers more of what they want.

  • The propensity to buy.

Over time, you learn which activities on a website will produce a purchase and you can score visitors based on such activities.

  • Integrate content and commerce.

Content management and e-commerce functionality must be deeply integrated to understand the interests of visitors and deliver an experience they will come back for.

  • Onboarding customers for the best experience.

Now that you have won the customer and they are returning for more of your great experience, you must always exceed their expectations.

Using just these five tactics will help you to optimize the customer experience for improved and long-lasting results. There are several other tactics as well and if you want to know what those are, check out the link below.