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4 Reasons to Combine Content and Commerce
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Content and Commerce are said to be the new “Power Couple” for modern-day retail businesses.

As a significant percentage of retail shopping is now done online, retail companies must consistently find ways to engage and attract customers.

Marketing to potential clients of a retail business has become so refined that today if a buyer doesn’t complete the purchasing process, an email goes to the buyer reminding him or her about shopping cart items.

Buyers can also now expect personalized marketing flyers or promotions based on purchasing history which is all collected and analyzed by internal tools and systems.

The main reason for this personalization is due to the integration of content and commerce. This connection allows marketers to gain better visibility into inventory as well as the product catalog.

However, it is important to know the reasons behind combining content and commerce. Here are 4 main reasons that will offer insight into what makes this integration a solid framework:

#1 To personalized the customer experience. In 2017, 89% of marketers expected customer experience to be their primary differentiator.

#2 To reduce customer churn. According to a Pricewaterhouse Coopers survey, 60% of businesses think improving customer loyalty will begin with implementing personalization.

#3 To boost revenue. Many companies see increased profitability as a major result of combining content and commerce.

#4 To increase ROI. According to a survey by Sitecore, 40% of companies see solid returns on their investment in customer experience. This number is only going to increase.

What you need to deliver an integrated content and commerce experience for your customers is technology and intelligence that work in your favor. To find out what those tools might be, click the link below for more information.