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Training Process Outsourcing (TPO) is the outsourcing of a complete set of activities across the training value chain to specialized firms or to specialized business units and individuals to optimize costs, enhance available internal bandwidth, and simultaneously improve business returns.

Like any other business process outsourcing requirement, training process outsourcing is rapidly gaining popularity, especially in the small-to-midsize and small-to-enterprise organizations. There are a lot of factors driving this growth and some of that includes not only the tangible cost dimension but also intangibles such as alignment with corporate strategy and overall business goals.

Specialized service providers will be able to facilitate the alignment of the learning strategy and plans with that of the strategy of the organization and business goals. TPO has some key elements that support it including:

  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Operations

Technology also plays a key role in TPO such as monitoring the learning of employees, reviewing the business case and return on investment of the training process, as well as analyzes the cost of training. There are certain factors to consider when choosing a TPO partner such as credibility, experience, process, rigor, technology solutions, and management platforms.

Here is how you will benefit from UniTol Training Solutions:

  • Serve the needs of the supply and demand side of corporate training
  • Support the learning of 30,000+ employees in some of the top-tier leading organizations in the country including some government agencies
  • Be part of the largest aggregator of trainers, training resources, and training venues
  • Develop training infra-divisions that help organizations to identify cost-effective training methods and venues to meet various requirements