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5 Steps to More Effective Team Collaboration and Communications
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The business landscape has changed drastically over the last decade, thanks in part to an evolving employee demographics and communication channels.

Any company’s ability to adapt to this environment and to leverage more advanced collaboration and communication tools can help make vast improvements in effective and efficient communication among team members and between customers and employees.


A 2017 study revealed up to an hour and a half of time a day is spent on email and face-to-face communication takes up almost three hours a day on average. The study also showed that due to ineffective and inefficient communication, almost 15 percent of work time is wasted.

Wasted time can equate to lost revenue, a decreased sense of morale, and irritability among employees and managers.

To avoid this, here are five basic steps that can help your organization develop more efficient and effective communication skills.

1. Identify collaboration changes and what challenges employees are dealing with daily.

Ask questions such as: What is the age of the platform? Has the platform reached the end of its life? Is it an IP or digital-based platform? Can the platform still support employees in the way it needs to facilitate the future of work?

2. Define features and capabilities that employees may need.

Workforce demographics will heavily influence the types of tools your organization may need to succeed. This can be revealed during the discovery process.

3. Select the proper operating model.

Be sure to base the selection of the chosen operating model on the needs of the employee and what will be the most useful for satellite or on-site offices.

4. Select the right vendor.

Focus on solutions that will integrate well with your operating model and provide the best features and capabilities that your organization needs.

5. Manage integration.

After you decide on the needs of employees, the right solution that meets business goals and the best vendor to supply the solution, it is important to create a process for structured integration by encouraging employee involvement.

Implementing the right tools will help your organization to interact more effectively and efficiently with customers, team members, and senior management.

If you want to know more about how to facilitate effective and efficient communication within your organization, click the link below for more information.