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What the Drinks Industry Can Teach Us About Capturing Consumers’ Attention

What the Drinks Industry Can Teach Us About Capturing Consumers Attention

Hi! My name is Fred.

As a marketing professional, I understand how important customer attention is to the success of an organization. Effectively and successfully gaining that attention can be very tricky though which is why I’ve invited my friend Molly, a professional in the drinks industry, to enlighten me about some tactics she uses to capture customer attention.

If you’re looking to improve your customer attention efforts, build your brand reputation, and grow sales, follow these successful tactics Molly uses as a drinks professional (bartender).

Your Brand Should Tell a Story

Molly tells me that consumers today have an increased interest in the roots of their drink, its production, and the story behind the brand. She says that customers today even want this incorporated into their hospitality experience making the brand story of drinks she sells very important. As a marketer, this tells me that customers are very interested in the stories behind brands and the more compelling and engaging the story, they better reputation the brand receives.

Invest in Content Creation Technology

Since field sales reps can bring something new and original to venue owners and on-trade promotions positively influence off-trade sales, it’s essential to invest in content creation technology to make content creation is easily scalable. Molly tells me that implementing this technology at my own organization will not only grow sales and boost brand recognition but increase customer attention as well.

Changing Customer Attitudes

Marketing today is no longer simply a case of promoting your product in its purest form. It’s about intelligently designing your marketing materials to sell new concepts to consumers. The best way to offer customers a memorable moment they seek when interacting with your brand is through on-trade Marketing. Molly tells me that this is the ideal way to create a premium experience for customers without exceeding my budget.

Since on-trade marketing campaigns are the newest, most effective marketing strategy available right now, according to Molly, it’s essential that I implement an easy-to-use tool that allows me to launch new promotions while encouraging sampling and generating category lift for my products.

If you want to learn more about what the drinks industry can teach us about capturing consumers’ attention, click the link below for more information.

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