Microsoft’s LinkedIn CRM Strategy - Download White Paper (PDF)

Microsoft’s LinkedIn CRM Strategy

microsoft lays out a new crm strategy

Last July, Microsoft released their Microsoft Relationship Sales solution. This solution combines Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 for Sales and LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Enterprise edition. When this new product was investigated by Nucleus Research, they found that this solution can drive a productivity increase of 12-15% for salespeople and can also accelerate their close times.

Thanks to this new solution, sales teams will have access to information from the world’s leading professional network, making it much easier for them to find prospects and strengthen the relationships they have with those prospects. This is because the new solution offers salespeople access to over 500 million LinkedIn professional profiles, recommends next-best actions for users, notifies users about buyer relationship health and even sends users updates about news mentions and job changes.

Microsoft joined many other software vendors acquiring and integrating data as a service (DaaS) into their platforms. With this new solution, Microsoft has positioned itself to have LinkedIn’s data significantly impact their CRM capabilities. Learn more about this amazing new solution from Microsoft and LinkedIn and how it can improve your productivity in this comprehensive whitepaper.

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