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A CX Leader’s Guide to Demonstrating Economic Value

The total value of great customer experience can be difficult to quantify but it is essential that businesses provide great customer experiences to increase their economic value. Quantifying great customer experiences is difficult because customer experience influences many aspects of the overall performance of the company. Also, the financial impact of customer experiences is captured by different departments and across different financial statements.

Medallia Institute has compiled a report that provides an organized framework for CX leaders in order for them to demonstrate the financial impact of their customer experience efforts. The report used quantitative evidence from companies in multiple industries to demonstrate the many ways positive customer experiences can influence the top and bottom lines of companies.

This whitepaper will help CX leaders understand how to get higher revenues through better customer retention, increase the purchase volume of their customers, improve their up-selling and cross-selling efforts and obtain higher referral rates, all through providing a great customer experience. Learn how you can improve your CX efforts for your company today.